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Nagging and Complaining

Purposes And Types Of Complaints, Complaints And Complaint Responses As Elements Of Conflict, Effects Of Complaining On Familial Relationships

Your room is filthy! I want you to clean it now.

I am tired of saying this–clean your room.

How many times do I have to tell you? Pick up your room!

You are driving me crazy! What do I have to do to get you to do what I ask?

Nagging and complaining are common features of family life. A complaint is a statement of grievance, discomfort, discontent, or dissatisfaction (Doelger 1984). Nagging refers to repeated or persistent complaints. Though complaint behavior is common, how couples and families manage their complaints is connected to their overall adjustment and satisfaction. To understand the role nagging and complaining play in family relationships, it is helpful to explore the purposes and types of complaints as well as how complaining functions as an element of conflict.

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