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Chemical Dependency and the Dysfunctional Family - Identifying Chemical Dependency - Are You Chemically Dependent?

Marriage and Family EncyclopediaChemical Dependency and the Dysfunctional FamilyChemical Dependency and the Dysfunctional Family - Identifying Chemical Dependency - Two Types Of Dependency, Are You Chemically Dependent?

Are You Chemically Dependent?

Here are some common indicators of chemical dependency:

  • You need more and more of a drug to get the same high.
  • You find that you're willing to do anything to get drugs, even things you know are wrong or illegal.
  • You no longer take drugs for excitement, but to soothe your pain.
  • You take drugs to avoid painful withdrawal symptoms.
  • You often feel depressed, as if the world has nothing to offer or that you have no future.
  • You cannot handle normal responsibilities, like school, work, or family duties.
  • You often worry about finding money to buy more drugs or alcohol.

If some of these statements seem to accurately describe you, you might be developing a chemical dependency.

If you think you may be chemically dependent, talk to someone you trust about it. If you do not have someone you can confide in, you can call a drug abuse hotline and talk to a counselor anonymously. There are also many organizations that provide information and assistance for people battling chemical dependency. Some are listed in the back of this book.

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