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Chemical Dependency and the Dysfunctional Family

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Codependency is found in many troubled and stressful families. It occurs in all kinds of dysfunctional families, especially in families with addicted loved ones. In these families, the codependents are the people who enable loved ones to continue their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Usually spouses, siblings, parents, and children are codependents. Other family members and friends often are codependents, too.

These codependents have very good intentions. They are trying to cope with the chemical dependency of someone they love very much. Often it seems best to make up excuses or stories to protect the alcoholic or addict. Codependents cover the accidents and chaos left by people who are chemically dependent. They have learned that this behavior helps their day-to-day survival. Also, they often cannot deal with all the emotions that the chemical dependency or other dysfunction causes: shame, guilt, anger, fear, hatred, and others.

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