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Alternatives To Physical Discipline

Although it is beyond the scope of this entry to discuss disciplinary alternatives in depth, several brief comments are warranted. First, parenting experts recommend that parents create a disciplinary plan in advance so that they have discussed how they will respond in a variety of situations. This might eliminate some of the spanking that occurs impulsively and out of anger. Secondly, parents should consider a variety of alternatives such as

  • Redirecting children to a more suitable activity;
  • Rewarding children who follow the rules;
  • Utilizing time-outs for short periods of time;
  • Helping children to avoid situations and activities that naturally lead to misbehavior;
  • Removing privileges;
  • Allowing for natural consequences to result from negative behavior;
  • Giving additional chores;
  • Grounding older children from certain activities or friends; and
  • Above all, communicating and reasoning with children about problem behavior.

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