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Y ou may have heard the terms “drug abuse,” “chemical dependency,” and “drug addiction.” But do you really understand what they mean?

Drug abuse is the abuse of all drugs, including alcohol. However, some people separate drugs and alcohol. These people may use the term “substance abuse” to show that they are talking about all drugs, including alcohol. No matter what you call it, drug abuse means that your drug or alcohol use causes you to act in a way that hurts yourself and others.

Both chemical dependency and drug addiction describe the point at which a person has developed a tolerance to a drug. Tolerance is when you need more and more of a drug to get the same effect (or high) that you once got from smaller amounts. Someone who is chemically dependent, or addicted to a drug, also needs to use the drug to keep from going through withdrawal. Alcoholism is the term used to describe an addiction to alcohol.

Before you can understand chemical dependency, you need to learn about chemicals and the effects drugs have on your mind and body.

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