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Grandparents' Rights - Grandparent Visitation Rights In The United States, Grandparent Visitation Rights In Canada, Conclusion

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Grandparents' rights is a legal and family issue shaped by changes in society, including the increased number of adults experiencing grandparenthood and the increased number of children raised solely by grandparents (Hill 2000). Grandparents have become a critical source of support to grandchildren who face potentially negative effects of family disruption, such as divorce, illness, or incarceration (Cox 2000).

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over 9 years ago

Hello, My name is Donna Queen I am 50 and a grandmother of 5 !!My daughter left her husband last Spring !!!From his bipolar life !!!She had been beaten in 2005 no justice for her came and lived with me amd her stepdad with her 3 kids !She went back after 10 days and further stalking in the house and threats !!!She asked me of a place she coulsd go !!My cousin in Virginia took them in !!!!When my cousin got sick and needed help I came up and had to find them a place to live !!!So I bought a trailor and she paintd and fixed it up !!!!We bought tools and besd and whatever they needed !!!!To protect them !!!From April 23 to June 24th I stayed to babysit so she could get a job and get them in daycare and on her feet !!!!I spent $5,ooo and she still wouldn.t help herself get license up their or a job !!!When child custody came uop her husband and mother would know where they we're !!!!Domiating people from the start for the entire marriage of my daughter !!!So I left and came home and was told not to come for custody hearings so she gave up custody to her mother in law !!!!! For 6 months I never saw my grandchildren June 24th to December 23rd !!The kids we're nearly taken away by D.S.S. by intences that happened with neighbor hood men and her actions !!!!I LOVE my daughter and don't want any harm but now if I don't do as they say I can't see them all again !!!!So I ask for visitation and hope that others don't have the right to take our grandchildren away again !!!WE are loving grandparents and don't want to miss the opportunity to see them !!!This as if blackmale is their solution and takeing them away with us as grandparents have no righs for months and did nothing but help her through all pregnancy's with money and special care and true LOVE for all !!!!This is a horrible thing to know we may never see them again becuse of spite and hurting us over and over again !!!!Please help pass this law foe grandparents like me and my husband should not have to endure this or the grandkids we love so much !!!Just 1 weekend a month if possble and birthdays and Holidays a special time to visit!!! Not them to take and never have rights to see them !!!!!Help us with this heart broken problem that goes on for years destroying familesand endangering the hearts of our grandkids we have no rights !!!Give us the rights to see them and be a part of their lives !!!!Grandkids are so innocent and awesome and we miss them so much !!!!!Donna and Ron Queen !!! Grandparents forever !!!!!President Obama I ask for YOUR HELP TO pass this law !!!!!

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almost 7 years ago

my son and I had a falling out over a couple of issues a few years ago. He was a heavy drinker and we had words about that, he has seems quit, apparently once his second wife became pregnant with his first child, the second issue was with the money that he inherited from his grandmother, which he could not get quick enough and was told that I was the reason why it was being held up, when in fact these people were hiding or stealing money from the estate, and covering it up, using me as the reason why they refused to disperse the estate, and wanting me to sign documents saying that I would never go after them for the missing money that they stole from the estate, with their forged documents, and not allowing me to see exactly how many investments were held by my late mother in law, all while they were telling my oldest son lies, and he believed them but actually had not had any contact other then the occasional phone call with us in years, and now that he has a beautiful daughter, and has apparently quite drinking and is living a responsible life, he refuses to have anything to do with me, and tells me that i will never see my granddaughter, I have tried to contact him several times, but other then telling him that he has another cheque here waiting for him to pick up from the estate, he doesn't even have the common decency to call and say thank-you, but he accuse me of 'trying to steal his inheritance' but that is what these lawyers and neighbors say in order to cover all of their stealing and robbing of stocks and bonds and investments belonging to my mother in law, who was a very private person and who pretended to keep me in the dark all while she informed me well in advance of how much money she had, she was an only child, as well as my husband, who passed away several years earlier, but I remained her care giver until the neighbor decided that she wanted the money and for years put her plan into effect with he help of the lawyer, who I am sure received his payout with the stocks that his son cashed, all of their actions were in conflict of interest, but I cannot get my son to understand that I was the goat in this and they used me to cover up their crimes, and I just didn't have the money to take them to court and since my oldest son was putting pressure on me to get his money I was forced into agreeing with their forged documents, and especially after these people decided to divide and conquer this family with their lies and deceit, I was totally naive about this whole thing, never guessing that anyone would have the nerve or the gull to steal or just take something that did not belong to them, but have found out that it is very common practice and happens all the time, I should have been more involved in this, but who would have thought, anyway, this son of mine is apparently still blaming me and has refused any contact with me, I personally think it is because he is so humiliated that he can't bring himself to face me, but I have told him that I have forgiven him time and time again, and I certainly don't want this to come between us, but it has, and now that he has a child, I would really like to see her, but that doesn't look like it is going to happen any time soon, I think it is a shame, since he is keeping her from her uncle's etc., but I was wondering if there is anything that I could do or try to re=establish contact with my oldest son, I hate to think that I will be going to my grave leaving this unsettled, since I know that he will eventually start to think about his part in this and then start drinking all over again, but for the last four years, i feel like that as long as he isn't drinking then everything is good, even if it means that I am not a part of his life or his daughters life, oh well, what is a person to do, especially when there are so many miles between us, and he refuses to talk on the phone or email, but in my opinion even with the distance there are so many more options, like the INTERNET, skpy etc., it could still be a meaningful relationship, thanks for any help in this matter.

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almost 9 years ago

Dear Donna

I really feel for you, because I am a grandparent, and my ex daughter in law ran off with some criminal after my son passed away three years ago. She is in California, that I know, and I did take her to court, and the judge ordered her to let the children call us twice a week, as then we were in NY, but she never abided by the court order. I tried to hold her in contempt, but now because I live in NC, the court will not do anything to help me. We are so sad that we can't even talk to them, and it's been over two years now. I have sent her certified letters. tried everything I can think of, but I can't afford an attorney, so no one really wants to help me.

Don't give up, that's all I can say to you. I feel your pain, and I hope and pray someday you get to see your grandchildren, and one thing for sure, they know you love them, just don't give up Donna


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about 6 years ago

Access Denied

my son and his lady (both drug addicts) had a son 6 years ago, he went into foster care for the 1st year of his life. The maternal grandparents took custody of him. The are very wealthy, so slowly they eased me out of my grandson's life. I live in British columbia, they live in Ontario. I had difficulty talkinging to my granson on the phone because they always said I had to give lots of notice. They became very secretive as to my grandsone's health issues, where he goes to school, what he is doing. I never even get pictures of him in school, birthdays, Halloween or any other accassion. I have been able to make a trip to Ontario almost every year and whenever I contact these people, the are explicit that I give tham 1 months notice. all visits i have had are monitored. At this time my son is living on the streets in Toronto, a drug addict. The maternal parents are keeping their daughter's situation confidential. I was told on the phone in May that I cannot speak to my grandson on the phone unless i give 1 months notice via e-mail. They refuse skype, or e-mailing me pictures.
Do I have any legal ways of at least getting this little guy in my life...letting him know that he has a paternal grandmother that love him very much.