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Confucianism - Confucian Family Teaching

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Many forms of wisdom have been developed after years of practice. The following are some examples of family teaching derived from Confucian classics.

Family life: "When a parent behaves like a parent, a child like a child, an elder like an elder, a youth like a youth, a husband like a husband, and a wife like a wife, then the conduct of the household is correct. Make the home correct, and the country will be stable" (I-Ching, People in the home).

Good deeds of family: "Family with good deeds will enjoy abundance" (I-Ching, Earth).

Holistic life: "Let the will be set on the path of duty. Let every attainment in what is good be firmly grasped. Let perfect virtue be accorded with. Let relaxation and enjoyment be found in the polite arts" (Confucian Analects, Confucius 1971 [500 B.C.E.]).

Modeling: "When I walk along with two others, they may serve as my teachers. I will select their good qualities and follow them, their bad qualities and avoid them" (Confucian Analects, Confucius 1971 [500 B.C.E.]).

The Great Learning: "What the Great Learning teaches, is—to illustrious virtue; to renovate the people; and to rest in the highest excellence" (The Great Learning).

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about 8 years ago

just to say amillion thanks.present world were very confuse.mostly people are living with out any virtues,people becoming not human.everybody is so greedy and materialistic ambitious.

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over 7 years ago

i feel wat he iz sayin but at deh same time itz hard 2 understand